PopUp Shop

#Branding #Experiential #Packaging
Welcome to the Possibility Place, a place where the everyday becomes extraordinary. In here you can find a beauty salon, a corner store and a DIY shop where you are invited to try something new and get inspired with Pinterest. 
A project made under:

Role: Lead Designer
+ Art Direction

Each shop had its own look & feel rooted in both the reality of London’s High Street shops and in the aspiring nature of a Pinterest moodboard.

Provisions, the corner shop, was all about playful maximalism. From the logo, to the patterns and colours, the goal was to create visual chaos, leaning into the unexpected nature of a high street corner shop.

The brand was then applied to a series os packaging boxes, a lotto machine, fridges and signage all over the space.

Parlour’s branding was about capturing the universal beauty so everyone feels safe and inpired  to try something new with their looks.

Projects, the DYI store, aimed to replicate the look & feel of instruction infographics and manuals in its brand, applying grid like patterns and using mainly primary tones.